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Writing fiction: writing the ending at the beginning

Should you or should you not write the ending of your story when you create your preliminary outline? As with most writing techniques, this is ultimately up to the writer. Some authors say not to, while others say to do it.

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This is what I say:

When writing the outline for your book (which is also ultimately up to the writer) write it all down. Write down the beginning, the middle and the end. However, be prepared to make changes along the way. Just because you write down a certain idea does not mean you HAVE to roll with it.

I have done this both ways. For one novel, I wrote down the ending and wound up ending the book with it just the way I imagined it at the beginning. I have also completely changed the ending of the book mid-way through.

The key is to at least have an idea, even if it changes by time the book ends.

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