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Writing fiction: Read what you wrote last

As I prepare to pick up writing, I always read over what I wrote last.

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No matter how many pages I wrote the last time I sat down to work on my book, I read over them before I begin again.

What this does is it gets you in the right frame of mind to pick up where you left off. In other words, it refreshes your memory.

You may or may not have introduced someone or something new. It really doesn't matter either way. You want to be sure you start up exactly where you left off. You also want to be sure you do not skip too far ahead and leave a big gap in the story line.

Even if you are beginning a new chapter, it will still do you good to read what you have previously wrote...for the same reasons listed above.

When you are ready to start writing the next pages of your book:

Go to your special writing place

  • Open up your document
  • Read what you wrote last time
  • Start writing where you previously left off

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