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Writing: explain your story with senses

When writing a novel or short story, it is imperative that as authors we not only tell the story, but rather describe it in detail to the reader.

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When sharing details with the reader, use your senses to describe events: smell, touch, taste, hear and sight. What the character sees, what something feels like, the flavor of an item, how certain smells make the character feel and how something looks.

Take at look at these two examples:

  • Laura was so angry she wanted to scream.
  • As Laura gripped her hands tightly together, her knuckles turned a pale shade of white. She felt heat rising from the souls of her feet to the top of her head.

When you read these sentences you can tell that Laura is angry in both of them. However, one tells you she is angry and one describes to you that she is angry. This is what I mean by using your senses to describe your story in detail. Show the reader the emotion of the characters, do not just tell them.

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