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Writing coach makes her dream come true

4th Inspired Women Conference
4th Inspired Women Conference
Tammy L. Coia

The 4th Inspiring Women Conference is held at the beautiful Heritage Palms Country Club Ballroom, Indio, on February 1, 2014. Tammy L. Coia, a writing coach from the Coachella Valley, is behind this exciting event, which she conceived as homage to women who have inspired their communities over the years. She first dedicated a day to these women, by inviting her students to a fun filled luncheon and brought in several speakers to spice up the event. Now, being an annual function enjoyed by many, the Inspiring Women Conference has become a networking event for meeting new people, establishing contacts, and sharing experiences.

All women are hand-picked from the Coachella Valley and have one thing in common: they live an inspirational life. This year’s honorees are Stacy Jacob and Debbie Green who began a wonderful non-profit called Turning Heads. Eileen Stern, from Hike 4 Hope, raised 4 million dollars that goes to the City of Hope for women’s cancer research. Others include Tanya Petrovna, founder of Native Foods, Gayle Hodges, who will be sharing her latest experience from Veterans for Peace. Additionally Mika Moulton, founder of Christopher’s Clubhouse, an outspoken activist and lobbyist for children’s rights and Dorothy Klass, the oldest, living working showgirl per the Guinness Book of World Records, will also be in attendance.

Tammy L. Coia, a teacher since 1986, has taught English as well as elementary school, and now teaches writing for wellness classes for Inter Valley Health Plan, besides her own workshops, under the Memoir Coach brand. Tammy has always been fascinated by learning about the lives of others and believes that everyone has a story to tell. She started an educational center in the Bay Area and built it into a successful business for 10 years. She moved to the desert in 2008 wanting to share her love of memoir with the community. She moved here not knowing a soul and now has many students in two locations here in the desert. “I have grown so much by personally hearing the stories of my students.” Tammy says, “I am inspired each day by the courage we all take when we decide to write our stories.”

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