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Writing as a self therapy

Writing can really help you feel better.
Writing can really help you feel better.

Writing, in many forms can be very good therapy. Sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings can be easier than saying them. I know it is a lot easier for me to write my thoughts and feelings down than saying them because a lot of the time I have a hard time finding the right words and when I get nervous I often stutter. A lot of people, including me, go to a therapist when they are depressed or have mental disability's and are in need of professional help. Therapy does help many people. I have found though that writing can be an extremely good self therapy rather than spending money on an expensive therapist.

Since I have started writing in a blog I have found that it makes me feel better than going to see my therapist. When I see my therapist I have a hard time telling her all of my feelings and problems I am having with my depression and anxiety disorder. But when I start writing in my blog or my notebook the words just flow out. With writing I don't have to worry about anyone hearing me stutter because I am nervous and that just makes it easier on me. I love blogging and wish I had started my blogs sooner!

Even writing poems can be good therapy. When I am feeling severely depressed I find that writing poetry really helps get my feelings and thoughts out and off of my chest. Even if no one reads my poems I am still able to get what I'm feeling out and it helps me so much!

There are many ways you can use writing as a self therapy.

1. Start a blog. You can blog about any topic you want. There are many different kinds of blogs and you can start one for free. Try Blogger or Wordpress. Write in it a little bit everyday or a couple of times a week and it will help you feel better.

2. Write in a notebook. Even if you just write down how you are feeling that day it can help you feel much better.

3. Like I said earlier writing poems can help a lot too. Even if you don't think you can write poetry you might surprise yourself.

4. Write a letter to a close friend or family member. If you have lost someone close to you and are feeling really depressed you can write a letter to them telling them how much you miss them and love them. Even though they can't read it at least you are getting it down on paper.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use writing as a self therapy. Even if you don't like to write you only need to write a little bit each time you are feeling down and it can really help you feel better. Take it from me, I write a little bit everyday and when I'm writing it does make me feel better.

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