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Writing a real estate ad

Selling your home can be difficult, but it is critical for anyone who is going it alone to get as much attention for their property as possible. Increasing the viewership of your listing is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re attracting serious buyers.
Start by reading and carefully reviewing the text of your ad. Think about how it portrays the property you’re trying to sell. Keep everything in the listing as positive as possible. Do not mention any problems with the property unless you are prepared to seriously discount your home or business in order to sell it. Avoid over-used phrases such as “cozy” or “lived-in” that people tend to think of as disguising the truth about a property’s real condition.

Also be sure to highlight the best features of the home within the first two sentences. Mention any unusual features at the beginning of the listing, and leave the more common amenities such as granite countertops and garden tubs for the end of the listing. By placing unusual features at the beginning, internet search engines are more likely to pick up the listing and display it to people who are looking for homes with those particular features. It will also attract people who are scanning through multiple listings. This is very important for people who are trying to sell in markets that are over-saturated with homes for sale.

Finally, make sure that everything in your ad is the truth. Listing a bonus room as an extra bedroom or including your garage square footage as part of the house will attract more viewers, but odds are that many of them will walk away after being shown the house.

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