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Writing a new chapter

Almost daily for nearly four (4) years, The Washington Post attacked District Mayor Vincent C. Gray, labeling him by semantic exposition not only a criminal, but also a racist.

Almost daily for nearly four (4) years, other news outlets, columnists, and talk show hosts carried The Washington Post's muddy waters across the District and around the country.

The herald brick wall separating the editorial board from the newsroom became imaginary and respected journalists marched to orders to tear a good man down because he defeated their emperor former District Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.

Having collaborated with the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Mr. Ronald C. Machen, Ms. Jo-Ann Armao, District editorial writer for The Washington Post in a pre-primary election sniper shooting against Mayor Gray, Mr. Machen and Ms. Armao now demand rhetorical political gun control and a new testament of political reconciliation.

It is clear Ms. Armao shared notes with her reporter colleagues to assure the anti-Mayor Gray story line and editorial view were scrupulous aligned by paragraph, comma and period.

There should not be any confusion. This was not a newspaper's quest for justice. This was The Washington Post assaulting democracy and intruding in the people's right to choose for its own corporate interests.

This was seized as an editorial board opportunity for a mayoral retrofitting.

The Washington Post and Ms. Armao need to come clean and be honest.

The mission of The Washington Post and Mr. Machen was to lay Mayor Gray bare, stretch him wide, and leave him bloodied and stripped of dignity. Sharing wine sips not from a cherished silver chalice, but rather a plain dirty cup Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen should not consider themselves to be biblical apostles.

The path Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen follow here seem more closely tied to a leader of Russia, rather than to a man of Galilee.

In their zeal to "get" Mayor Gray and swiftness to offer Mr. Jeffery Thompson a "sweetheart plea deal," it was the District's Democratic primary election calendar Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen were looking at, rather than reading from the book of justice.

Everyday for nearly four (4) years Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen demanded answers from Mayor Gray. Yet, now it is Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen who are dodging questions from the people. It is now Mr. Machen who may face his own ethical violations investigation by the D.C. Bar.

Having secured their desired outcome through character assassinations, Mayor Gray remains a man not charged or indicted by the Department of Justice. Why would Ms. Armao and Mr. Machen worry about due process and the Constitution when public shaming will do?

The rights and privileges of the United States Constitution are not reserved for the few or the favored, but rather for all Americans.

Sadly, this concept is something Ms. Armao has ignored and Mr. Machen has forgotten.

Defenders of freedom cannot be pretenders to the word or in the fight for justice or bamboozled by a newspaper masquerading as a protector of ethics and a peaceful social community.

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