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Create a Microsoft Word document and give it whatever name you like. The format of this letter will be very similar to that of the complaint letter we wrote two articles ago. The reader is advised to consult this article, as the specifics of the format will not be repeated here. In order to properly format a form letter, it is not necessary to repeat all of the steps performed in the complaint letter, however. If you already have a letter with the format of that of a complaint letter, the one writing the form letter can simply copy and paste the content of the complaint letter, provided that it is properly formatted, and paste it into the Word document which you intend to use as a form letter. This will automatically format the letter in the manner required for a properly formatted form letter, and it will make things a great deal quicker and easier. Delete the paragraphs, however, but keep the actual letter information.

For the form letter, compose the relevant paragraphs, informing the reader that you will be opening a new Very Happy Felipe's House of Covenanter Jumping jacks in a new location. Provide the actual time during which this new exercise place will be opening, and explain its benefits. Now you are ready to add a table of names to your form letter. Open a new document and name it appropriately. Click on the Insert tab and select "Table." Pick a table size of 9 columns and 8 rows. In the 9 columns, you can create sections for each person's first name, last name, address, title position, company, city, state and zip code.

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