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Writing a Compelling Vision or Mission Statement

When you’re looking for a new job or planning a career move, establishing a clear vision of your future helps you map out a plan for developing your personal brand. Clearly explaining who you are and what you do is more important than you think. When you write a newsletter, create a presentation or write an email, lead with your mission and vision statement to provide clarity and perspective on your background. Writing this concise statement is worth your effort, even though it can be quite challenging.

To write a mission or vision statement, choose the best words to describe your purpose, direction and scope. It can make a real difference in terms of effective promotion, motivation and sponsorship. Use your statement to inspire subordinates, superiors and business partners alike.

A mission statement defines your primary objective. Use present tense and explain your long and short-term intentions. Your mission statement should be clear, concise and direct. Vision statements, on the other hand, describe your aspirations. These should be uplifting and timeless so that even if your strategy changes, the vision remains the same.

Begin writing your mission statement by identifying one unique characteristic about you. Decide what makes you stand out from your competitors. Clarify your goals and clearly articulate how you will measure yourself. Avoid using a lot of jargon. For example, if you provide customer service, your mission might be to become the top-ranked representative in your role with the highest ratings for customer satisfaction in the coming year.

Continue by writing your vision statement and more closely define your value. Identify what your customers, stakeholders and sponsors should value and respect you for, such as integrity, innovation and creativity. Your values define what you believe you stand for and should serve to energize everyone you meet. The vision statement should be broad and inclusive of all aspects of the work you do now and will do in the future in pursuit of your mission and goals. For example, your vision might state your desire to be perceived a strong and dependable.

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