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Writing 101: How do I write fiction?

Getting ready to create anything is hard but writing can be fun.  Often we think of creative writing as something only certain people can do; However, anyone who has a love for words can enjoy writing. It's all about being dedicated.

 Here are some simple steps to help you get started.
 Find a writing group in your area.  I cannot stress how important it is to communicate with other writers. Check out your local library. Sometimes there are writers’ groups that get together and critique each other’s writings.
Write everyday! Get a notebook or some writing gear that you like, it helps promote a good feeling toward your writing. 
Read, read, read.... the types of books you are interested in writing.  This will help you to identify the type of writer you want to become and sets examples of the layout and writing syles. 
Read, read, read.... books that are opposite of what you want to write. Sometimes if we read books that are not in our usual scope, reading other styles and stories can help with writer's block and to get creative ideas.  
Don't be critical of yourself, that is what edits are for,just write. Tell yourself that you’ll come back and edit later. Let the ideas flow. You will see things you would like to change every time you read your work.
When you are done writing, print it out and read it out loud.  Actually read it out loud to a friend or just to yourself. This will help you to catch many more mistakes.  Then find someone you trust to read it. 
There are some sacrifices that go along with writing, it is a solitary endeavor.  You must be dedicated regardless of the odds and believe wholeheartedly in your writing. 
The key to accomplishing anything it to start.  You never know what you can do till you try.  They are lots of books, web sites and writing groups to help you along your way.
One more very important thing:  SAVE YOUR WORK!