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Writers work from home - tips

Hillary (lamenta3) at

 Things You Need to Know to Write From Home

  • Understand the Payment System - Many sites will pay upfront for articles, some as low as $1 an article, others around $8 and others still go into the $20 range. Be certain of the payment you are satisfied with. Don’t go in expecting a payment of hundreds right off the bat. This applies especially to jobs that don’t pay up front but are rather for the long term payment sites that pay per ad click or page view. Writing for the non pay up front sites you may find it is harder just to get to $10, but you do…eventually. After you hit your first $10 it gets easier to make your next $10. This is great for writers who like to write a lot, because the more you put in, the more you get out. I personally know writers who make up to $5000 a month writing this way, and even when they quit the job, will continue to earn monies of their work. Just be sure of what you are willing to accept, before you take it on.

  • Understand the Copyright - From the get go, you must decide how much rights you want to your articles. Many sites require full rights to your article, so if you want the freedom to reproduce your work somewhere else, than that is not for you. Other sites will ask for the rights to your article for one year, then at the end of your year you may do whatever you want with your work. Some sites do let you have full rights to your articles under certain conditions. So before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you know what you are willing to give up. If you break contract, online magazines will not hesitate to fire you. There are plenty more where you came from. Not to be harsh, but the writing industry is a cut-throat business, so hike your big boy/girl pants up and get ready to get dirty fighting for yourself…you WILL need to.

  • Understand What is Expected of You - Know how much or how little you are willing to write and what you are willing to write about before you enter the contracted world. Some sites ask you to write as much as you can, with a minimum of once a week, others will let you write as little or as often as you like and some have a max limit. Be sure of how much you want to put in. Some sites tell you what to write about, others let you create according to your own mojo, but they all have guidelines. Get a full hand on those guidelines before you begin. This will prevent unnecessary hair pulling and screaming when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

Now that you have the list of tips, check out some work from home writing jobs and pick out what suits you best.