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Writers Groups in Detroit


A writer's group can be a valuable resource for getting feedback from other writers on your manuscripts strengths and weaknesses.

A good critique group can be the difference between a salable work and a slush pile member.

For those of you who may be interested in joining a local writers group, here are a few suggestions.

Motown Writer's Network - A wide selection of writing topics and events, including an internet radio show, meet-ups for workshops, book reading groups, author appearances and more.  Get info at:

Detroit Working Writers - If you've been published, this may be the group for you.  They offer grop events such as book reading, author signings, a writers conference, and luncheons with published authors.  Find out more at:

Springfed Arts - Metro Detroit Writers -  Offering numerous workshops in poetry and fiction writing, this group charges a membership fee of $30, but memberships include discounts of up to $50 on events such as their writers retreat which pays for itself.  Info at:

Flint Area Writers - About an hour north of Detroit is a unique critique group where writers are invited to read their work aloud and then receive an oral critique from other writers.  I've attended this critique group (although, regrettably, not often enough) and found if you can get over the hump of 'performing' your material, you will gain valuable insight on your writing and what areas need improvement.  Learn more at their homepage: or at find them on MySpace.