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Writer of Fox's 'Gotham' loosens his lips about 'Batman' prequel series

According to Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, writer of the upcoming "Gotham" series Bruno Heller, thinks the "Batman" prequel series is superior to the original films. Heller claims that the child actor that plays Bruce Wayne will be far better than anyone else who played the character and ensures that the show's visual effects are for more stunning than in the preceding films.

Producer Bruno Heller attends the CBS 100 episode celebration of 'The Mentalist' held at The Edison on October 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It appears that Heller's reputation in previous projects is what gives him confidence that "Gotham" will indeed have great success. After all, he was the one that set the standards of fantasy and historical dramas on cable TV. Also, his stylistically designed show "The Mentalist", starring Simon Baker, has run for six seasons.

The real motivation for doing this show was mostly because Heller had no interest in doing a typical "Batman" show, in fact, he prefers it not having the wing crusader present. Doing a show without Batman in it is what drove the writer to do it in the first place. He is also of the opinion that he thinks Batman wouldn't do so great in the TV universe. In fact, he finds the appeal of being human prior to the transformation into the superhero version of themselves appealing more so than the final product of their metamorphosis.

"Frankly, all those superhero stories I’ve seen, I always love them until they get into the costume. And then it’s, 'Oh, okay, they’ve ascended, they’ve stopped becoming humans.' It’s their apotheosis. They go to heaven and they’re Superman. There have been so many great versions of it. This is a version of something else entirely".

Heller then went on to explain how to start the process of getting a difficult-to-write series going. According to Heller, the challenge of making a non-superhero film started with James Gordon as the stepping stone and going from there. The show's focus is on this character and the idea of getting into the mind of a rookie cop as he sees Gotham City for what it is as he starts his new career.

Characters such as the Penguin, the Riddler, a young Catwoman, event he possibility of Harvey Dent entered the mind of Heller during his interview. Alfred Pennyworth is of course a key character, too. The thing is with this writer, he's gotten used to telling what character is going to be and where the following episode, but this is more of a story telling format.

As some may have recalled in the "Gotham" trailer, Heller was asked about the final scene of the series in which the young Detective Gordon is placing a cowl over the young Bruce Wayne's shoulder shortly after his parents' murder. Heller had this to say:

"Yes, whether metaphorically or literally — something like that. But that’s six or seven years down the line. Hopefully".

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