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Write on paper or iPad with the GoSmart Crossover 400 stylus

Answering a prayer I’ve been saying for years, GoSmart has finally introduced a stylus that’s just as at home on a paper tablet as an electronic tablet. The Crossover 400 looks just like a fine writing pen, but pull the cap and it’s a capacitive precision stylus for your electronic tablet.

Crossover 400 stylus
Crossover 400 stylus
by GoSmart

I always resented having to carry two objects, but you always need a pen to write a quick note on the back of a business card or sign for a charge slip. Now, one does both and does both quite nicely.

I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and the Crossover 400 works great in both modes. The Stylus is similar to the 200 Series stylus I reviewed back in August 2013. A very light touch is all that’s needed and the design lends itself to accurate placement on your tablet. It’s so much more precise and so much easier to use than those rubbery nubs on so many other styluses.

The advantage with the Crossover 400 is that the cap slips back on like the top of a pen and the whole instrument clips to your pocket. The writing pen requires a twist so the ink won’t accidentally stain your clothes.

The 400 was invented by Dr. Jae Son. Although he was taking all his meeting notes on an iPad, he quickly realized that sometimes a good old ink pen is what you need. To address this challenge, he conceived the newly released Crossover 400 model. “I am proud that our GoSmart Stylus is the highest-rated capacitive precision stylus on Amazon, and expect the Crossover 400 to earn its place and become the best tablet stylus as well" says Dr. Son.

Give it a try and I think you’ll agree that this is the stylus for detailed work or for just surfing the web. Oh, and you get a fine ballpoint rolled in as well. For $28.95, it’s one of the best deals going.

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