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Write a book to promote your business


So tell me—would you be more apt to buy a book entitled “The Nurses from Floor 24” from an everyday novelist, or an actual doctor who is also a novelist? (For those of you thinking ‘Well, it sounds to me like a steamy novel, so I’d rather buy a book written by Jenna James…’ please step up out of the gutter for a moment and bear with me (I know! I said “bear” (bare)…now you’ve got me doing it…doing it…oh, good grief—this could go on all day...).

You get my point.  A book can have a big impact on your business, because it acts as a great promotional tool. A well-structured, attractive book could be a terrific way to market your business. (To be clear, I don’t recommend naked nurses, even if you are doctor—in fact, especially if you are a doctor!)
Added Credibility—A book gives you another level of credibility. For example, I can quite legitimately say that I am an expert on the life and times of a personal chef. If I put out a book called “How to be a Personal Chef”, I’m pretty sure my book would at least sell to locals who know I am a successful personal chef and former restaurateur here in Nashville TN. It also gives me a chance to plug my own personal chef biz within (and while marketing) the book. (Please don’t confuse me with The Naked Chef because of our prior exchange at the beginning of this article.)
Client Acquisition—Again, credibility and ‘clout’ come into play here. The fact that you have written a book related to your field of expertise will influence your potential clients’ decision to use your services. In an increasingly competitive business world and an economy that demands more bang for the buck, being an author (self-published or not) is an excellent way to get your business to stand out. (Yes, I said “bang for your buck”—ha ha…)
Advertisement—A book acts as a great big business card! Hand out a copy of your book at a Chamber of Commerce gathering. Keep a copy handy for a social gathering. You never know when opportunity will knock. You don’t have to be a narcissist to promote yourself—by mere association, your book implies that you probably know what you’re talking about!
Another Source of Income—Books can actually make you a little money with a little marketing—and when I say a little marketing, let me be clear in saying…if you only market a little, the financial rewards will match the effort. You do have the benefit of knowing your target audience, and having somewhat of a captive audience within the realm of your correlating profession—take advantage of it!
Marketing and PR—A book expands your avenues for marketing and public relations. Your book brands you as an expert and, as such, you may even be “quoted”. If you like public speaking, having your own book makes it easier to land speaking gigs. For instance, a workshop for budding personal chefs would love to book me to speak about my knowledge about the personal chef profession. 
Being a book author opens up many new avenues of opportunity. There are tons of resources out there to help you in any phase of your book concept. Be sure to do your self-publishing homework so you don’t get screwed (ahhh, gees…).

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  • Natalie Davis 5 years ago

    Good article. Something to consider. Something else to're pretty funny...well, not 'ha ha' funny...well, yes, actually you ARE 'ha ha' funny! You're not a boring new writer, I guess that's what I'm trying to say

  • Tim Baker - Orlando Writing Examiner/Author 5 years ago

    OK - so let me see if I have this...since I am an author, does that mean I should write books about naked authors? Because if so I'll pass (who was the last author that you wanted to see naked?)

    Obviously - I'm kidding.

    This is a great suggestion and truth be told, much of the content of my upcoming novel Water Hazard was culled from my 25 years in the Architectural and construction industry (all except for the stuff with guns - those parts I made up!!).

    Thanks Dana - another great article that not only offers good content but makes people smile!

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