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Write a book to promote your business



  • Natalie Davis 6 years ago

    Good article. Something to consider. Something else to're pretty funny...well, not 'ha ha' funny...well, yes, actually you ARE 'ha ha' funny! You're not a boring new writer, I guess that's what I'm trying to say

  • Tim Baker - Orlando Writing Examiner/Author 6 years ago

    OK - so let me see if I have this...since I am an author, does that mean I should write books about naked authors? Because if so I'll pass (who was the last author that you wanted to see naked?)

    Obviously - I'm kidding.

    This is a great suggestion and truth be told, much of the content of my upcoming novel Water Hazard was culled from my 25 years in the Architectural and construction industry (all except for the stuff with guns - those parts I made up!!).

    Thanks Dana - another great article that not only offers good content but makes people smile!

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