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Wrinkles on dogs are adorable but can cause problems

Izzy, an adoptable French bulldog with Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
Izzy, an adoptable French bulldog with Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
Denise Yoder

Do you own a breed that has wrinkles like a Pug or a Shar-Pei ?

Nookems, a pug
Becky Chatelain

Though these wrinkles are precious, if not kept clean they can cause problems for your beloved pet. Lip fold and face fold infections are often an issue when your dog has a face full of wrinkles.

Lip fold infections can happen because saliva and food particles collect in the upper and lower lip wrinkles. The moisture becomes trapped and attracts bacteria, which will thrive in the closed environment of the lip fold. Infection will then set in.

The breeds prone to lip fold infections include bulldogs, basset hounds, bloodhounds, Shar-Peis, boxers, Boston terriers, mastiffs, Saint Bernards, French bulldog, and Pekingese. Springer and cocker spaniels are also commonly affected. Overweight dogs are more prone to lip fold infections.

The symptoms include the following:

  • the skin around your dog's mouth may appear inflamed and/or red
  • your dog may start rubbing or scratching the area a lot
  • skin odor
  • your dog may act uncomfortable or even crabby

Treatment is as easy as visiting your veterinarian for oral antibiotics to combat the infection. Your vet may recommend an antibacterial skin cleanser to clean the folds and wrinkles. It's very important to dry the folds after cleaning them.

Prevention is also easy. Daily maintenance helps keep the folds clean and infection free. You can use scent free baby wipes or just a soft warm soapy wash cloth. Dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a pint of water is another way to clean your dog's wrinkles. Keeping your dog's weight down will go a long way in preventing lip fold infections, plus prolong their life.

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