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Wrigley Field turns 100: Cubs fans celebrate 100 years at Wrigley

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Wrigley Field. Those two words to any baseball fan in America are special, but to Chicago Cubs fans they are almost biblical. According to NPR on April 4, when the Chicago Cubs take on the Philadelphia Phillies Friday afternoon, it will mark the start of the 100th professional baseball season at Wrigley.

If you are a fan of old school baseball and ball parks, you need to pay Wrigley a visit.

Besides Fenway Park, Wrigley stands alone as one of the only original ball parks left since its conception.

When Wrigley Field opened, it was home to the Chicago Federals. The Federals were replaced by the Cubs two seasons later and Cub mania was born. One thing still hasn't happened at Wrigley Field that fans have been waiting to see for a century - a World Series Championship.

Yes, the Cubs may be baseball's lovable losers, but when this team breaks through and wins a title or two, they will be celebrating in Chi-town for months, if not years!

Capt. John Giordano of the Chicago Fire Department works right across the street from Wrigley and he says just seeing the old ball park every day makes it easier to come to work every day.

"We love it. It's what makes this firehouse special. It's why I like working here," says Capt. John Giordano of the Chicago Fire Department's Engine 78, a lifelong Cubs fan. "Fifty years — I used to walk to the ball park when I was a kid. I grew up in Lincoln Square."

Unlike most stadiums that are surrounded strictly by bars, businesses and restaurants, Wrigley is surrounded by many homes and apartment buildings - some located so close they can catch a foul ball or home run.

Sure, Wrigley could use a few modern updates, and it doesn't look anywhere near as modern as the new ball parks, but baseball Wrigley Field is still something special. Here is to the next 100 years Wrigley!