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Wretched sinkhole saga continues in UK: Cunningham’s can never go home again

The sad sinkhole saga in the UK continues with a vengeance. This time Peter and Susan Cunningham are the big losers. Yet again, a massive sinkhole has opened under a home, this time in Ripon, North Yorkshire, under the home of Peter and Susan Cunningham.

So, whether you live in the UK or not, it’s probably best not to get too comfortable in your home. This could happen to you.
So, whether you live in the UK or not, it’s probably best not to get too comfortable in your home. This could happen to you.
Various sources
Sinkholes in UK: Peter and Susan Cunningham can never go home again
various sources

The 25-ft. (7.6 meter) sinkhole opened overnight on Monday, Feb 17, 2014, creating huge cracks in the walls of the house. This sinkhole, about the ninth sinkhole to open in the UK in February, forced the residents in three homes to evacuate on a moment’s notice.

On that tragic Monday morning, the Cunningham’s, like a lot of us do, got up and went about their daily business – off to work, to school, out shopping. Peter Cunningham arrived home around 5.40 p.m. on that day, and his wife, Susan, arrived shortly afterward. Peter could not open the backdoor.

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He told Sky News, “I looked up at the wall and there’s a big crack at the side of the back door. I thought that’s not right.”

Cunningham thought, as the house creaked, cracked, and crumbled, “This is not happening. It's like being in a nightmare."

"Then," he said, "I could hear it coming away above my head. I could see the house opening up. We're not going to be able to go back into it. It's gone, I'm sure."

Susan Cunningham said they have not been allowed back to the house. “We’ve only seen it on TV. They are not letting us anywhere near it.”

The Cunningham's can never go home again. In just moments, everything they owned and worked for was gone. Fortunately, they and their dog are safe. Fire crews were able to rescue the Cunningham’s elderly dog before setting up a cordon around the affected area.

He said:

"I just walked up the footpath and there was a crack in the footpath and in the pavement, which I thought was a bit odd. I could not open the back door and then I looked up at the wall, and there was a big crack in the side of the building. As I came away, I could hear it coming away. It was creaking and cracking and crumbling."

She said:

"I could not believe it. I dialed 999, and then everything was taken out of our hands."

The Cunningham's, like so many others, lost all of their worldly possessions – suddenly and without warning. All they have are the clothes on their backs. This sad sentiment is being experienced and expressed by people over the world. Suddenly homeless or worse due to sinkholes.

You all remember what happened to Jeff Bush of Seffner, Florida. He went to bed one night and was killed when a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom and dropped him into a chasm.

End of story – not by a long shot!

The grouping of eight of the nine sinkholes opening in the southeastern corner of the UK speaks volumes about the violent earth wobble and the approaching pole shift. The UK is in a stretch zone.

Think something like this could never happen to you. Think again. It could happen at any time to any one of us.

Sinkholes are rampant all over the world, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop them. So, whether you live in the UK or not, it’s probably best not to get too comfortable in your home. If it’s not sinkholes, it’s landslides or massive cracks opening in the earth or some other earth wobble catastrophe.

People like the Cunningham’s all over the world are finding themselves suddenly homeless for one earth-change reason or another.

Just how do you prepare for events like this? Your suggestions are welcome.

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