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Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan slams the Super Bowl with Radioshack ad

Pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan slammed his way into the Super Bowl last night on FOX with a memorable commercial for the retail store chain Radioshack. The ad had 80’s flashback theme with Hogan, Slaughter, and parade of other ‘80’s pop culture gems tearing up the store in a riot. The 60 second spot also featured fellow wrestling legend Sgt. Slaughter, Alf, Chuckie,Twisted Sister, John Ratzenberger, gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Erik Estrada, and an animated appearance by the California Raisins.

Hulk Hogan stars in memorable Super Bowl ad
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

On social media, the commercial received rave reviews with many calling it the best of this year’s Super Bowl broadcast. The Wall Street Journal called out the commercial as one the best, and Hulk Hogan himself has spent the better part of Monday tweeted back and forth with fans about the hit commercial spot. The commercial which was seen by one of the biggest TV audiences of the year has already gone viral online, receiving over 734,260 in the last 24 hours.

In an web-only spin off of this commercial, Hogan appears with fellow wrestling legend Sgt. Slaughter with a Radioshack salesperson demonstrating a workout tracking device. It’s a pretty funny spot with the sales guy playing straight man as Hogan and Slaughter grapple it out inside the store. You can check that ad out here on Radioshack’s official Youtube page.

Pro Wrestling Examiner’s Perspective: Say what you want about Hogan schilling for a store, but this is a great thing the Hulkster. Looking back at the Super Bowl, besides the memorable performance of Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers this ad was one of the best parts of the show. It certainly gives Hogan some steam heading into his long rumored return to WWE for Wrestlemania 30, read about what the Hulkster will be doing at WM30 in this article.

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