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Wrestlers' thoughts on Sweeney's Death

Homicide: " I always say who be the next bobby the brain. my choices was larry sweeney, that how good he was and so talent. rip sweet n sour. larry sweeney"

Joey Eastman: "I can't put into words how I feel right now. I just can't. Sweeney was one of my best friends in the business. I've been crying since I heard. I'll miss you man. Rest Peacefully

Arik Cannon: "RIP: "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney. I hope you are now at peace."

Billy Roc: "Just got home and heard the news. RIP Larry Sweeney! I'm absolutely speechless right now."

Chuey Martinez: "R.I.p sweet n sour Larry sweeney!"

Scott D'Amore: " I will never understand how somebody is so troubled that they end their own life. Larry Sweeney was an amazing performer who just could never get it together in his personal life. Regardless, he was a great performer with great passion and from the time I got to spend with him he was a gentle and kind soul. My friend, may you find the peace now that you never could in life."

Eddie Kingston: "so angry and sad I'm shaking! I love you my brother we had suck great times on the road and shared so much together . F*ck I can't breath I will miss you I have nothing else 2 say . I will miss you so much!"

Cary Silkin: "Alex Whybrow my friend you will always be with me"

Locally and Globally, wrestlers and wrestling fans alike are mourning the death of Larry Sweeney. If you have the time check out the video of him on the left.


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