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Wrestler of the Week, March 31 - April 6

Welcome to year four of Wrestler of the Week. Much like the previous three years this will continue to be a little way to highlight an individual (or tag team as the case may be) that had a particularly banner week in terms of storyline or on-air achievement. Just like in previous years, in addition to highlighting a Wrestler of Week, two honorable mentions will also be noted. Throughout the year point totals will be tallied. Just like in year three, each week 10 points will go to the actual Wrestler of the Week, 5 points going to the first Honorable Mention and 3 going to the second Honorable Mention. At the end of the year a Wrestler of the Year will be crowned.

Wrestler of the Week

Brock Lesnar

White hot heat. That is the only way to describe the reaction that Brock Lesnar received last night at WrestleMania XXX when he pinned The Undertaker clean in the middle of the ring, ending Undertaker’s vaunted WrestleMania Streak at 21-0. It was a victory that most did not predict. It was a true WrestleMania moment and one of the most shocking moments in pro wrestling history. The dead silent, shocked reaction to a match finish never happens in pro wrestling and one may have to go back to Ivan Koloff beating Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF World Championship in 1971 to see a similar crowd reaction. Most predicted that The Undertaker’s Streak would never end, with yours truly being in that camp. And if it did end, it seemingly would go to John Cena or a hot young rookie with a huge upside. If Brock Lesnar wasn’t already a made man (he already is) this victory made him immortal.

Honorable Mention

Daniel Bryan

Speaking of a made man, “The American Dragon” finally became a tippy top guy after last night at WrestleMania XXX. In the pay per view’s opening match, Bryan defeating WWE COO Triple H in a fun brawl that saw him advance to the night’s main event. There he challenged Batista and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in a triple threat match for the two Championship Title belts. Bryan took a vile Demon-bomb/reverse RKO combination through an announce table that looked to put him out of commission completely. But he literally crawled off a stretcher and re-entered the match and made Batista tap to the Yes Lock to become WWE Champion for a third time. But this time it was a WrestleMania moment for ages. The story that has building since August 2013 finally paid off and long suffering fans finally got their standing mid-ring cherishing the moment he deserved.


Daniel Bryan was not the only man who wrestled twice last night at WrestleMania XXX. On the pre-show, Cesaro teamed with his fellow Real American Jack Swagger to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships in a four-way elimination match. The duo lost and imploded post-match. About two hours later, Cesaro snuck into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and upped the participant list to 31. There he got to use his freaky super strength to literally bodyslam odds-on favorite The Big Show out of the ring to win the prestigious battle royal and up his stock in the company ten fold.

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