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Wrestler Bruce Santee arrested in Florida

Bruce Santee
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Top indie wrestler Bruce Santee was arrested Monday after posting on social media giant Facebook that he would give a $100 reward to anyone who would kill a Pinellas Park police officer after the officer had stopped Santee early Sunday morning after the driver, a woman, failed to obey a yield sign.

According to reports Santee and another man were in the car driven by the woman and were intoxicated. The woman had an expired drivers license and officers made the group make other arrangements to get home. During the stop Santee was reportedly belligerent with police and called one officer a "pig."

It is alleged that after arriving home Santee took to Facebook and made a post offering $100 for the death of the officer who stopped the car and that he would like for whomever killed the officer to bring him to his (Santees) home so he could "f**k his dead corpse."

An officer with a nearby police agency alerted Pinellas Park police to the post and even though the post had been edited there were other posts that criticized police and a warrant was issued for Santees' arrest and he turned himself in on Monday. Santee had often bragged on his Facebook page about his drinking and bar fights as well as his disdain for police.

The charge pending is a written threat to kill or do bodily injury which is a second degree felony and punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Santee has been on a crusade for some time to rid professional wrestling of Chasyn Rance who was convicted of child molesting and had (allegedly) made threats against him and promoters who would use him on their shows.

The Facebook account of Santee has since been removed.

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