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Wrentham police break into truck to rescue dog from heat

Officer Peter Lown petting the dog he just rescued from the hot truck.
Officer Peter Lown petting the dog he just rescued from the hot truck.
Wrentham Police Department / Facebook

Wrentham police broke into a truck at the Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, Mass. today to rescue a dog that was left in the heat, according to the Wrentham Police Department Facebook page. The police department warns owners not to leave their pets in the car.

Officer Peter Lown broke into a truck that was parked at the Wrentham Outlets to help a dog suffering from the heat. The outside temperature reached the mid-80s today. Officer Lown gave his own water to the thirsty dog, who was overheated.

The Weather Channel states that the inside of a car can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes, leaving the inside to become an oven death trap. Cracking a window does not make a difference. Temperatures that are considered mild can lead to death, sometimes in minutes.

Several months ago at the outlets, another dog perished when left in the car. Leave your dog at home; the risk is not worth your dog's life.

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