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Wrath of God to be reprinted in 'From The Vault: Annihilation'

An art history of Wrath of God
An art history of Wrath of God
Wizards of the Coast

According to a tweet today April 27, 2014 from, one of the most iconic "Magic: The Gathering" cards of all time, Wrath of God, will allegedly be reprinted Wizards of the Coast's upcoming collector's set "From The Vault: Annihilation." Recently featured in the "Nature of the Beast" deck from "Commander (2013 Edition)," Wrath of God is a devastating white sorcery which can yield its caster a massive amount of card advantage. Update: Confirmed.

From the Vault: Annihilation
Wizards of the Coast

Wrath of God - 2WW
Sorcery (Rare)
Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated.
Legend speaks of the lost coastal polis of Olantin, whose inhabitants' hubris enraged the sun god Heliod.

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This new "From The Vault" Wrath of God will be the first version to feature the new "Magic 2015" card frame, which features a holographic stamp. It's also been upgraded to mythic rarity, as all "From the Vault" cards are, and boasts killer new art with Heliod, God of the Sun in it. Quite appropriate, we think. Wrath of God has had four previous artworks: Check them all out in the attached slideshow.

Originally printed in "Alpha" and featured in a multitude of core sets thereafter, Wrath of God has been a staple in control decks since before "Magic: The Gathering" even had DCI sanctioned tournaments. The principle is simple: Allow your opponent to cast several creatures then blow them all up, gaining card advantage. A single Wrath of God can be enough to shut down aggressive creature-based decks, and in multiples Wrath of God will completely annihilate your opponent.

There's been a plethora of Wrath of God variants over the years like Winds of Rath, however Day of Judgment is the closest modern day replacement. Supreme Verdict and Terminus are two other recent incarnations of the card. You'll notice that newer variations of Wrath of God leave out an important line of text: "They can't be regenerated." That's to make regenerating creatures matter more.

Wrath of God currently sees play in the Modern format.

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