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Wrap Your Skin in Smooth Luxury

Soften Winter Skin with, Me Bath

We love the smooth feeling of our skin after lathing on lotion. But sometimes we're left with a greasy layer when we use a really thick cream. Luckily, the geniuses at Me Bath have developed their Ultra Rich Body Creme that is totally moisturizing and indulgent without any excess grease.

Like a little science in your beauty routine? The Ultra Rich Body Creme is specially designed for more demanding skin, this full body creme works by stimulating older skin cells to communicate with younger, healthier skin cells to help rejuvenate dry, tired skin. Out with the old, in with the new!

Indulge in Me Bath's Ultra Rich Body Creme day or night. Simply warm the lotion between your hands for 3-5 seconds then smooth it over skin after your shower or before bed. You'll great the day with silky smooth skin that really lasts.

The scent of these cremes are just as indulgent as their skin soothing formulas. The Ultra Rich Body Creme comes in six indulgent scents ranging from, Madagascar Vanilla and Lavender to White Tea and Ginger. No matter what smells help relax and rejuvenate your day, the Ultra Rich Body Creme from Me Bath has one for you.

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