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Wrap up of San Pedro's Neigborhood Councils 2009

San Pedro has three neighborhood councils, Coastal, Central and Northwest. This year has been a very productive year for San Pedro’s Neighborhood Councils. As vice president of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, we have worked hard to make sure city services and quality of life improves for
you. We also try to respond effectively to community-based needs from schools and other organizations.
With the year coming to an end, we should step back and take a look at some of the real accomplishments that have resulted from our efforts and from working with our stakeholders – that means YoU.

The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council has spent a lot of time working on community issues both large and small. our council went after $682,000 for enhancements at Averill Park. The majority will be spent to restore the historic stream and ponds. Beautification along N. Gaffey St. moved forward with
the dedication of the section between Westmont Dr. and Gatun St. The area includes a “meandering path,” generous grass areas, benches, drinking fountains, good lighting, and lots of new trees.

New developments can be a double-edged sword. The community and neighborhood councils kept a sharp eye on the huge Ponte Vista development proposal. The revamped development eam has down sized the project because of the neighborhood councils’ concerns on traffic.

The new Target on Gaffey settled in and has been a positive commercial addition to the neighborhood. Improvements at the intersection of Gaffey and Capitol advocated by the neighborhood council have made for a smooth driving experience near the store. our local nonprofits have struggled but with help from the
councils they have been able to survive another year. A substantial sponsorship toward the DocsRock film program at San Pedro High School helped keep this only-in-L.A. industry learning experience for students alive, as traditional city funding was substantially cut.

The San Pedro Neighborhood Council joined together in supporting the Cabrillo Beach July 4th celebration. Illegal firework displays have long been a problem in our neighborhood and we have strongly encouraged the community to turn to a joint celebration at an appropriate venue such as the beach.

Our neighborhood councils have worked with Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s office and other city departments to address concerns and problems in the community. New stop signs, redpainted curbs, and street repaving were among the items influenced by the work of the neighborhood council.

Our councils are productive. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. If you feel like you can make a difference we encourage you to join us on a committee or even sit on our board. Contact me if you like to help. Quality of life issues can only improve with teamwork.

On a side note, if the San Pedro Neighborhood Councils used this magazine as a way to get their message out to the community more people would know what neighborhood councils are doing and how they are advising the City of Los Angeles on issues you care about. San Pedro Today has a wider reach than the councils’ current way of mailing newsletters to homes. Mail carriers are not delivering those newsletters effectively. If the newsletters get to your house they look more like junk mail than important news. These
councils do so much for you, but do you know what they have done? Do you care? Contact me and let me know if you’d like to hear more about your neighborhood council in these pages.