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WPMI-TV and WJTC-TV broadcast '16 Weeks of Summer' deals for 2014

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WPMI-TV and WJTC-TV* recently broadcast their first two "16 Weeks of Summer" deals for 2014 during their last two "UMinutes" segments over the last two calendar weeks this month (the first deal was valid from the Sunday of June 1st until the Saturday of June 7th), even though the summer solstice for their hemisphere this year (the northern hemisphere) was set to begin next Saturday, June 21st.

In case you are not familiar with their "UMinutes" segments, they would usually have a host (most recently Colton Bradford of WKSJ-FM in Mobile; the previous host was Michael Brannon of WALA-TV) presenting news about famous entertainers and visiting certain businesses in the the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida TV market to promote special deals by the businesses.

You may access some examples of their "UMinutes" segments by selecting the following link:

As for how you would be able to see and/or hear a new "UMinutes" segment being broadcast by either WPMI-TV or WJTC-TV, you would need to stay tuned to WPMI-TV's main programming feed (for their main broadcast channel) during a commercial break for one of their regularly-scheduled programs. You would need to do the same for WJTC-TV too, except they only have one programming feed (they only have one broadcast channel).

*WPMI-TV and WJTC-TV are members of the same company, the Sinclair Broadcast Group. They also operate from the same building in Mobile)

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