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WoW: Zul'aman and Zul'gurub return

The retired Swift Zulian Tiger mount
The retired Swift Zulian Tiger mount
Warcraft Mounts, Blizzard

Did you miss out on a fancy tiger, raptor, or bear mount thanks to those bothersome trolls? Don't worry because you'll have a chance to obtain brand new versions of them from Zul'aman and Zul'gurub when they return in World of Warcraft's 4.1 patch.

Patch 4.1 is currently making its way onto the public test realms. The patch is reviving two raid favorites as dungeons. Players can expect Zul'Gurub as a level 85 heroic dungeon that will offer level 353 items. Zul'aman will also return as a level 85 5-man instance that drops level 353 items. To get into the dungeons players will need an average item level of 346. Both can be accessed via the Looking For Dungeon tool.

If you're a mount hunter, you'll be pleased. A different raptor, tiger, and bear will be obtainable with patch 4.1. That means that if you managed to get a Swift Razzashi Raptor, Swift Zulian Tiger, or Amani War Bear don't panic. Your mount is still unique; however, the redesigned instances now offer three new mounts!

Check out MMO-Champion for more details on what to expect with this patch. It's the first content patch after Cataclysm and will contain lots of goodies.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I only recently heard about this and I cant wait I just hope Blizzard doesnt take it out of the PTR

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