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Wow! I am looking at Whiteside Mountain in Appalachia.

I am not able to go there, but you can. Keep reading there is more to come.
I am not able to go there, but you can. Keep reading there is more to come.
RDL MILLS, 2010.

Since enduring a severe neck injury I have relied upon old photographs from past adventures, friends photographs and photographs from family.

An artist's touch on Whiteside Mountain. Seen from the side of the road.
RDL MILLS, 2010.

I believe in my articles, so here are a not so good photographs of a view of Whiteside Mountain. I did not take this photograph. Whiteside mountain is located near Highlands, NC. I am not an expert on Whiteside Mountain, but my research led me to this site. Click here,

The site details a mountain cliff that looks like a sheet of ice. The rock is some 490 millions years old. I personally have not been able to visit this great destination recently, but I am already there in my mind.

I see the 750 foot drop from certain angles of this spectacular rock. I see this in the autumn surrounded by colorful leaves of oaks, maples and some hickory nearby.

Autumn is a great time to visit the region. But with summer coming up why not take a hike there? Nearby trails will allow one to walk near and away from this rock. Just being in the vicinity of this rock will allow one to take in this great wonder.

Walk, hike and relax in this area of Appalachia many call wondrous. If one can't go there, like me, just picture yourself looking up at something so amazing it is again some 490 millions years old.

I am there with you if only in my imagination. If you have an adventure and you would want me to write about it, just send me a picture.

I love family adventures, so send me some if you have them. Keep reading, we have more adventures to come! (Together.)

I am able to take photographs for the Southern Appalachian region only. I do have plenty more photographs so keep your eyes wide open for more adventures, more of this great region to come!

Appalachia simply spectacular!

Keep in mind I am also a published poet, short story writer who loves Appalachia. I hope to write for you many more articles.

Til the next great, fabulous article......


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