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Wounds of Christ were the price of forgiveness, Pope teaches

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In his Sunday Angelus audience in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reminded pilgrims on June 1st that the wounds of Jesus are the price that it cost to redeem humanity. Jesus, when he goes to heaven, carries there a gift for the Father. Have you thought about this? What is the gift that Jesus brings to the Father? His wounds,” the Holy Father reflected, “and when he goes to the Father, he says to the Father, ‘look, Father: this is the price of forgiveness you give. And when the Father sees Jesus’ scars, he always forgives us.”

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The Father forgives our sins and our sinful ways not because of our goodness, but because of the price Jesus has paid for us, the Pope said. Jesus intercedes for all of us today as an advocate before the Father. “This is the great work that Jesus does today in heaven - to make known to the Father in heaven the price of forgiveness: his wounds.” The Pope went on to explain that Jesus ascended into Heaven in no small part to show us that the goal of our journey is ultimately union with the Father, but “remains present and working in the events of human history with the power and the gifts of his Spirit. Jesus is close to each one of us - even if we don’t see him with our eyes, He is here!” Francis exclaimed.

“Alone, without Jesus, we cannot do anything,” said the Pope. “In apostolic activity our strength, our resources, our structures, are not enough, even though they are necessary. Without the presence of the Lord and the power of the Spirit, our work, even if well organized, turns out to be ineffective.”