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Wounds heal faster with birch

Aggressive medical care for wounds is important to help prevent complications and preserve function. Cosmetic results are also a consideration. Herbal remedies to help with wound healing have been gaining wider appeal than ever before due to more reports than ever about dangerous side effects associated with many drug treatments. New research shows that birch helps wounds heal faster, reports the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Freiburg on Jan. 24, 2014.

Treating a wound
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For centuries extracts from the birch tree have served as a traditional means of helping the damaged skin around wounds to regenerate more quickly. There has been clinically proven wound healing efficacy of birch bark extract, reports PLOS One. There is a long history of birch being used as a traditional medicinal remedy to accelerate wound healing. Recently, the efficacy of birch bark preparations for wound healing has also been proven clinically. Researchers have identified birch bark as the first medical plant which has a high potential
to improve wound healing. Wound healing is a field which urgently needs effective remedies.

Dr. Irmgard Merfort from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Freiburg and her associates have offered an explanation of the molecular mechanism which is behind the wound-healing effect of an extract from the outer white layer of the tree’s bark. Basically, the substances in birch cause keratinocytes, which are the most common type of cell in the outermost layer of skin, to migrate more rapidly into the wound and close it. This is a significant finding in the search for more efficient and safe ways to help heal wounds.

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