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Wouldn't you like to be a piper too?

Recorder players at an Orange County Recorder Society meeting await a downbeat from the conductor
Recorder players at an Orange County Recorder Society meeting await a downbeat from the conductor
Photo: Patricia Shanks

Southern California recorder societies are welcoming new players of the end-blown instruments into the fold. Now is the time to consider excavating and resuscitating that fourth grade soprano flute.

Based in Riverside, the Inland Recorder Society meets monthly. According to group contact Greg Taber the players try to perform at least twice a year. Recent performances have taken place at Plymouth Tower Care and Living Center and at a local wine shop. The March outings coincided with Play the Recorder Day, as designated by the American Recorder Society.

“Recorder is a very accessible instrument for four or five people sitting around playing music just for the fun of it,” said Taber. “People don’t have to go see the players. They can be the players.”

The San Diego County Recorder Society also meets monthly. In addition to the monthly playing sessions featuring knowledgeable guest conductors, the group hosts workshops and offers information on lessons for those who wish to upgrade their skills.

The Orange County Recorder Society is a welcoming consortium of folks who play the whole family of recorders, from sopranino to contra bass. A few inventive homemade instruments and a couple of tambors have also made appearances at monthly playing sessions.

For those based in Los Angeles and environs, The Southern California Recorder Society also offers monthly meetings and occasional workshops. According to contact Sharon Holmes all from absolute beginners to experienced players are welcome. Novices can connect with a teacher or attend just to learn more about the Society.

To hear samples of two professional Southern California performing ensembles featuring recorder music, visit websites for Courtly Noyse and Natur Early Music Ensemble.

The American Recorder Society website includes a wealth of recorder information and a directory with contact information for the various recorder societies.

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