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Would You Take Blood Test To See If You Would Die in 5 Years - Meet Grim Reaper?

Would You Take a Blood Test to See When You Would Die?
Would You Take a Blood Test to See When You Would Die?
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Would you be a little bit curious about taking a blood test that could predict your possible death within five years? Well although there might not be many if any takers for such a proposition, according to Fox News medical researchers are getting several steps closer to finding out if the Grim Reaper will be knocking on your door anytime soon.

A study of over 17,000 people living in Finland and Estonia were screened in order to analyze 106 varying types of proteins. After studying the participants over five years the researchers were able to deduce certain conclusions which would allow doctors to develop a blood test to possibly predict a person’s death.

Now before you run out and get massive amounts of life insurance for financial security for your family, the blood “death test” is still a bit down the road. Yet, Fox News reported that it may in time be possible to, “reveal that certain levels of four biomarkers circulating in the blood stream may strongly indicate when death is on the horizon.”

What this may indicate is that Obamacare with its flaws and uncertain coverage of millions of Americans, the death test may be soon shaking hands with the Obamacare Death Panels. One can only imagine the grand folly that White House health care panels would have if a test like this existed now.

Millions of Americans who are getting booted from off of their health care policies may be blocked entirely from affordable healthcare professionals as well as prescription drugs that could hasten their recovery. “The Death Test” could be a possible weapon that Obama administration Obamacare health panels would use against healthcare applicants.

Medical researchers continue to work out the kinks in the biomarker index which measures the presence of the four chemicals that when present in your bloodstream could mean a death sentence. It just might be a good idea to not be too eager about hurrying into taking that possible test. Employers and insurance companies might have a field day with this knowledge and certainly not to your benefit.

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss and especially if knowledge means you will have a fixed date with the Grim Reaper.

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