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Would you refuse a job paying $23 an hour?

This week, former ebay CEO and current California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was threatened with a lawsuit by her former housekeeper.  The housekeeper, an illegal alien named Nicandra (Nicky) Diaz, alleges Whitman mistreated her and has retained noted "cause" attorney Gloria Allred to represent her.  Coincidentally, Allred is a good friend of Whitman's Democrat opponent in the race for governor, "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.

And how did Whitman mistreat Senora Diaz?  After finding out that Nicky obtained her Social Security Card and driver's license she presented fraudulently to the employment service who referred her to Whitman, she did what California law required her to do:  she fired the illegal worker, who had no right to be here taking jobs from Americans anyway.

But wait, you say.  Liberals and other pro-amnesty groups continually tell us that illegal aliens aren't taking jobs from Americans, because they do jobs Americans don't want to do.  They cite studies showing that Americans won't work for the wages that, say, farmers will pay for picking fruits and vegetables.  But what would happen if the government would simply stop meddling in the economy and, at the same time, enforce our laws against illegal immigration?

First, there wouldn't be 99 weeks of unemployment compensation to provide unemployed workers and incentive to look longer for "better paying" jobs.  They'd be forced to take some kind of job in a more reasonable time frame.  Second, as noted Economist Thomas Sowell has written, "At current wages for low-level jobs and current levels of welfare, there are indeed many jobs that Americans will not take."  Without the competition from illegal workers, wages for Americans would be free to increase to a level where they will be willing to take those jobs.

But some of those jobs already pay plenty.  For example, Nicky Diaz was getting $23 an hour!  It seems likely that there are lots of unemployed Americans who'd work for that kind of money?  What do you all think?


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Really? Meg Whitman and her husband apparently knew long before that firing date that she was here illegally. It doesn't matter how often folks spin this, her "do as I say, not as I do" attitude comes through no matter the subject.

    Apparently spending $120 million still doesn't buy one a clue.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Of course, I'm just as leftist troll.

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