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Would you look at the size of that egg?!

Harriet's giant record-breaking egg
The whopping egg with average-sized hens' eggs.

Yes, Harriet is still with us, though she walked with a limp for a bit following this mammoth specimen. At first, Harriet's owner, Tony Barbouti, must have thought it was a misplaced rugby ball.

Six-month-old Harriet and her 16 companions live in the taxi-driver's garden in Essex, England. Mr. Barbouti declares his hens nothing spectacular, 'They are not special hens. I feed them ordinary hen food and they give me a good supply of fresh eggs. But I think we may need bigger egg cups if they keep this up.'

Harriet, layer of the giant egg
Harriet, bearer of the record-breaking egg.

Contrasting sharply from the average egg's circumference of 5.5 inches and 2.3 inches length, the record-breaking ova was a whopping 9.1 inches in circumference, at a length of 4.5 inches. It also weighed nearly three times a normal hen-fruit, at 163 grams.

The egg was cracked and nearly lost during a photo session, due to Barbouti's dog, Bodie, jarring the table on which it sat atop normal eggs, but the egg survives for now- a record-breaker.

Says Barbouti, 'My hens have laid big eggs before but when I saw this one I was gobsmacked"

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