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Would you like to be a beachcomber for your new career?

Beachcombing requires discipline and zeal!  Do what you love.
Beachcombing requires discipline and zeal! Do what you love.
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You are only limited by the limiting thoughts that run through your mind.  If you really loved being at the ocean so much and were passionate about becoming a "beachcomber" and making a living at it, somehow you would figure out just how to do that.

Look at author, Richard Bode.  Bode was a middle-aged man who left an unhappy marriage and a long career with a NY public relations agency giving up a chance to become a millionaire in order to live a more authentic life. Although when others mention to Bode how courageous they felt he was to leave his job of many years, Bode says, “I can no more say I acted with courage when I quit that job than I can say a man who is suffocating acts with courage when he tries to breathe.”

Bode quit his high paying public relations job, sold his belongings, placed his cash in a shoe box and became a “beachcomber” to seek the truth about his life – that was his dream. He wrote two books about what he discovered through this process, which I absolutely love and highly recommend.  The books are:  "First You have to Row a Little Boat" and "Beachcombing at Miramar".  Both books are inspiring and motivating – which we all need constant daily doses of, especially now.

Sometimes we are forced into making a career transition because of job layoffs or downsizing and other times it is because the job we are in is unfulfilling and draining to our soul.  Bode says that many people see his being a beachcomber as “the easiest job in the world.” He disagrees and explains in his book that being a beachcomber is a demanding job that calls for discipline and zeal.

Don't deny your dreams and desires any longer.  If being a beachcomber is what you want to do, figure out a way to do it and make a living at it.  When you do what love for work, then work becomes play.  Have fun and dream big and don't let that practical, limiting voice inside of your head tell you no.  Think outside the box!  Think outside the cubicle of your mind!