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Would you like teleworking from your home?

Because of our modern email, mobile phone, and internet capabilities, employees now can perform many occupations on line and almost anywhere, including from home. More and more employers such as the federal government are offering their employees teleworking opportunities.

This article will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking from home, starting with the advantages. Some of the advantages for telework employees include:

  1. Spending no money on gas, parking fees, and the car wear and tear that commuting requires.
  2. Spending no time commuting in stressful traffic.
  3. Setting their own work hours and break times.
  4. Allowing their children to better understand what they do for a living.
  5. Having fewer distractions from co-workers.
  6. Having fewer sick days because they are not exposed to other sick people at the office, and because, even when they are sick, they can get some work done at home.
  7. Having the ability to earn more than hourly compensated office employees, if their telework job compensation is based upon their work output.
  8. Having possible tax write-off advantages that can come from their home-based office.

Unfortunately, there also can be disadvantages that come with telework. Examples of such disadvantages include:

  1. Having a less definite separation of work and home life.
  2. Becoming distracted by friends and family members while working.
  3. Having fewer chances to form work friendships.
  4. Having no face to face contact with supervisors and co-workers during formal and informal events such as lunches and meetings, and thus being less likely to be promoted.
  5. Being more vulnerable to technical difficulties than are office workers who have information technology repair personnel available.
  6. Having higher ongoing expenses such as additional phone line charges.
  7. Being possibly vulnerable to work at home scams.

Actually, Teleworking usually is not an either or option. Most telework jobs might involve both office work and telecommuting work from home. Thus, before taking jobs that involves teleworking, employees should know the amount of time they must spend teleworking and the amount of time they must spend at their office.

What are your thoughts on teleworking? Can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages? Have you ever worked from home? Please comment below.

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