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Would you like fries with that? It’s National Drive-Thru Day

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July has been good to us, bringing Junk Food Day and Hot Dog Day. And now, on Thursday, July 24, another food holiday arrives: National Drive-Thru Day! This holiday was created by the famous fast food chain Jack in the Box. Did you know Jack was the nation’s first major drive-thru burger stop?

National Drive-Thru Day is not just meant for fast food though. Drive-Thru Day observes America’s whole drive-thru service industry – from fast food to ATM’s and mail services (even drive-thru marriages!).

“Today, drive-thru restaurants line the U.S. roadways, and other drive-thru services have caught on as well,” The Year of Living Unofficially shares.

Everyone’s personal favorite is of course drive-thru food though. Ordering food from the comfort of your own vehicle is tough to beat.

Take advantage of this holiday and visit your favorite fast food stop today! Here are the top 5 drive-thru restaurants based on several online surveys:

McDonald’s is number one. There’s one in every corner so of course it’s at the top. This doesn’t mean that the food is the best. Second is Jack in the Box, Sonic follows in third. In N Out is fourth and in fifth place is Burger King.

I have to say, I’m a little upset that WhataBurger didn’t make the cut. It’s my favorite burger stop, and the one I’ll drive-thru tomorrow. Then later in the day perhaps stop by Starbucks for a nice cold drink. Where are you planning to go on National Drive-Thru Day? Can’t wait to see what other holidays July has in store for us!