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Would you help a friend being bullied?

Demi Lovato shared her story about being bullied
Photo by Bryan Bedder

One of the biggest problems society is experiencing recently is the problem with bullies. Las Vegas hasn't had major newsworthy problems but bullies have been plaguing societies since the dawn of time. Bullies today are relentless and strike with extreme precision. When they find the right button to push, or person to torment, they can push their targets to their limits no matter how long it takes. Maybe its this new generation of computer nerds and video gamers who've been desensitized by the ideas from games that you must relentlessly strike your target til they explode and disappear or maybe as a society it's been forgotten about how it takes a village to raise a child.

The biggest tragedy in all this is people not only stand back and allow it to happen, some actually participate, or even worst yet, record it for the whole world to share in the insanity. Might seem like a lot of fun to the observer but what about the victim in all this? Who's going to stand up and say no more? If you witness someone being bullied or worse someone filming someone being bullied its not o.k. to just allow it to happen. There must be a sense of responsibility that each person takes upon themselves to say this cannot take place as long as I am watching or present. The most important thing to remember is not to put yourself in danger but to do something. If that means calling the police or someone in authority then that is what it means but it should not be o.k to do nothing.

Each person has a responsibility to stand up and say I won't let this happen. Gone are the days when its o.k. to say its none of my business. Its every one's business. It doesn't have to be about, if you know the person, its about standing up to those who dare think they can bully; that's the focus. If they'll bully someone else they could easily redirect their focus and bully you. If each person stood up to bullies when they first struck the pattern would stop but too many do nothing which empowers the bully to strike again with more intensity as they build their bravery. You have to declare to the bully that you are not the one and if they are bullying a friend or even a stranger who may not have the wherewithal to defend themselves then its important that someone speak up on their behalf because if you stand up to a bully so they know and understand not everyone will tolerate it, then maybe they'll learn they cannot get away with it which is the driving force of most bullies (they know they can get away with it). Its up to each and every person to stop ALL bullies before they have the chance to take one more victim; before they have the chance to think they can destroy another person's life. If not you then who?

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