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Would You Forgive a Thief? So Why Would You Forgive Obama?

Today President Barack Obama unveiled a so-called 'fix' for his 'Lie of the Millennium' about people being able to keep the health plans that they liked. But as with many other aspects of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, the fix raises more questions than it offers answers.

For example, imagine a situation in which your home was completely robbed by a professional thief. After going through various stages of grief and feelings of loss, the thief suddenly shows up on your doorstep one day and says that he will give you back everything he stole from you. But then he adds that one year from now he is going to come back to your house and steal everything again that he stole from you originally. In that situation, would you forgive the thief or would you have a positive view of him?

However, that is exactly what Obama is expecting the American people to do for him. For three years he dishonestly went around the country while on the campaign trail and as a re-elected president telling people over and over again that if they liked their health plans then they could keep their health plans, period. But as a result of the rules that Obama approved as part of the Obamacare legislation, millions of Americans have had their health plans cancelled by their insurance companies.

Now Obama comes out with his administrative 'fix', which will supposedly let people have their cancelled plans back for now, but in one year his health care reform law will cause them to be cancelled once again.

Beyond the legal issues surrounding Obama's solution for covering up his years of lying to the American people, the practicality of it is almost nil. Insurance companies have spent the past three years trying to come into compliance with the Obamacare rules and now that they have cancelled all those 'substandard plans,' as Obama has called them, they cannot put the genie back in the bottle and try to revive them for all of their insurance members. It is not a surprise that Obama, who has never worked for a business far less managed one, would not be able to understand how impossible his proposal is to implement.

Clearly though Obama did not intend his fix to be a real fix at all. It is really just another deflection from responsibility. Now he will start claiming that he was willing to let people keep the plans that they liked, but the insurance companies went ahead and cancelled them anyway. He and his supporters have already been tossing that line out there over the past few weeks (see Jay Carney and Ezekiel Emanuel, for references).

But the American people are starting to see through Obama's lies, deceptions and politics now and they should call him out for his actions. And just as they would not forgive a thief for taking everything from them, they should not forgive Obama for taking away their health plans.

Rob Binsrick

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