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Would you eat it: Great American Cookies chewy chocolate supreme cookie

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I heard from several people that the new Great American Cookies at The Forum in Norcross is offering a gluten-free cookie called chewy chocolate supreme, so I made a trip to investigate. On that same day, I read a post that pointed out 'too many people are counting calories and not the chemicals in food' and it got me to wondering. Leaving aside the possibility of cross contact, would people on a gluten-free diet eat this cookie if they knew all of the ingredients and additives that are used to make it?

Since I have been following a gluten-free diet, I have eliminated a lot of artificial ingredients from everyday consumption. I avoid MSG, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and flavors, soy, and dairy. Sure I indulge in sweets, but I would rather purchase them from a dedicated gluten-free bakery that uses natural ingredients, or a company that adheres to the same guidelines.

I understand the need to feel normal, so being able to purchase a cookie or a cupcake from a mainstream establishment is a real treat, but is that treat really worth it? This gluten-free cookie is made on a separate tray with dedicated utensils, but it does sit in the same case with all of the other cookies. It also appears employees use the same tongs to select all of the cookies. Here are the ingredients:

Powdered sugar, egg whites, guar gum, white chocolate chunks, pecans, cashews (canola oil), cocoa powder, shortening, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, water, hi fructose corn syrup, vanilla (propylene glycol, alcohol, caramel coloring)

I understand the convenience factor, but for me, this cookie contains too many additives that are hard for my body to digest, such as hydrogenated oils, hi fructose corn syrup, and propylene glycol.

Have you eliminated additives and chemicals from your diet since going gluten free? Would you eat this cookie?



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