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Would you chase $20 bill down a storm drain if you knew this ahead of time?

Say you drop a $20 bill and it begins to roll away from you on the street. You natural inclination is to go after it, right? Well, not so much according to the Blaze, if you are a man in Lawton, Oklahoma who did chase his $20 bill. Unfortunately what happened next is neither typical or was it probably worth the amount of grief that followed, because he became stuck for two days in a storm drain.

Man chases $20 down a storm drain and is stuck for 2 days - was it worth it
photo credit - Ebula

Talking about being in a tight spot, but for this man it did not seem like a big deal. Famous last words of, “All you have to do.” So the man who is unnamed, decided to crawl after the elusive $20 dollar bill and then things began to become a little dicey. Once in the storm drain, the chase for the money became more like the chase for his own survival, because according to the Blaze, he became disoriented.

Being 12 feet below ground in a dark, very musky wet pipe with zero possibility of being able to navigate just where he was headed soon became minutes, hours and stretched on and on and on.

When he got down in there he quickly discovered getting back up wouldn’t be easy. He was as much as 12 feet below in a cramped, dark, and wet pipe, in a system only one with a map would be able to navigate.

If it had not been for a group of high school students passing his location on their way home and heard his pleas for help, there truly is no telling how long the man could have been trapped in the drain pipe. The students called 911 and the police arrived. Sergeant John Chelenza, who was interviewed by KSWO-TV, said, “We could hear a man yelling for help,” reported the Blaze.

The man was rescued from his two-day ordeal, appearing dehydrated and unfortunately now $20 lighter because he never found his missing money.

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