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Would You Buy That For a Dollar? - Pre-examining the new RoboCop

Screen still from RoboCop (2014)
Screen still from RoboCop (2014)
Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures and MGM studios

Science Fiction lovers are taking issue with the upcoming February release of RoboCop, a reimagining of the 1987 cult favorite. Some feel Hollywood is crossing a line in taking this step, and that they are generating revenue by contemporizing a “classic” movie. Before you decide to denounce this Robo, examine a few key points:

Who Are Your Prime Directives?

Take a look the cast for the new RoboCop. This script caught the attention of actors like Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and more. The last time so many people were up in arms about a reimagining which was filled with this caliber of stars was Batman Begins - Let us not forget how that turned out. Fans pre-critiqued the re-spark of the Batman franchise excessively, only to swallow those words after its release.

You Have Twenty Years to Comply

Twenty-seven years have passed since the original RoboCop hit theaters, and twenty-one years since the last installment came out and virtually leveled the franchise. Two decades is a fair length of time to warrant a remake for films, especially science fiction. As special effect technology leaps forward, for good or ill, filmmakers now have a chance to retell their favorite sci-fi stories with a brand new appearance. Not to mention, in an ever evolving world with growing concerns, filmmakers can use the same vessels to convey modern commentary on current issues.

Come Quietly or There Will Be…Trouble

Let’s face it: RoboCop was not the acme the cinema. While pictures like Citizen Kane, Seven Samurai, 2001: A Space Odyssey and countless other veritably Classic films remain respectfully untouched, it should be easy to excuse a new RoboCop. While some may try to derive and extrapolate a philosophical point from the ’87 movie, it remains nothing further than a fun, tongue-n-cheek science fiction piece.

Dead or alive, RoboCop will be in theaters February 12.

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