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Would You Like Fries With That?: Umm . . . NO!

Say No to the fries!
Say No to the fries!

Did you know a healthy serving of fries will cause weight gain? Yes, French Fries, fried chicken, fried anything will cause you to gain weight based on your predisposition of obesity. According to a new study publish in the British Medical Journal there is an inherent relationship between “fried food consumption and genetic risk associated with obesity, using data from over 37,000 men and women. Using food frequency questionnaires, researchers assessed participants’ fried food consumption as categorized into three groups: less than once a week, one to three times a week, and four or more times a week. They found that among people with the highest genetic risk score for obesity, those who consumed fried foods the most frequently had a higher BMI than those who consumed the least amount of fried food.”

In Ohio, we rank 40 among 50 states in health ratings. Ohioans are among the most unhealthy and obese in the nation. Overeating and physical inactivity puts us in 40th place overall. Ohio has some of the best cooks in the world and most, if not all, cook in fats. No wonder! Because fried foods are high in fat, they are high in calories and the fat also carries calories and all that fat is bad for your health. “The saturated fat and trans fat in deep-fried foods increase your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease. If you eat a high-fat diet, you are also at higher risk for certain cancers and for obesity. Deep-fried foods also may contain acrylamide, a possible carcinogen, with foods fried at higher temperatures or for longer containing more than those fried for shorter times at lower temperatures.”

Obesity is categorized as a chronic disease and as with other diseases prevention is key. If French Fries and other fried foods is topping your menu and you are considered obese, you may want to begin reducing the amount of fried foods and then eventually eliminate altogether. If you do not want to become obese but you’re genetically predisposed, you may want to say no to that serving of fries.