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Would be Minnesota member of Congress hates evolution

Minnesota, what is the matter with you? You are a reasonably progressive state. But first you elected Michelle Bachmann to Congress, and now maybe Aaron Miller. While he might be a great guy, anyone who complains about his daughter learning about evolution in school, shouldn't really be a member of Congress. Or, a village trustee.

He said that his daughter came home crying from school that she was being taught evolution. Look, to all those on the religious right-wing who might be reading this, evolutionary biology is not part of some godless plot to turn your kids into gays and lesbians.

It is a well documented and researched principle of biology. One hundred and fifty plus years of study since the time of the great Charles Darwin, in fields from radioactive dating to archeology to biochemistry has shown evolution to be not only true, but overwhelmingly so.

The only way it wouldn't be true is if some omnipotent god falsified the evidence, which just wouldn't make any sense. TalkOrigins is a great site on evolution, by the way.

There is a Rep. Braun from the state of Georgia who stated that evolution "is a lie straight from the pit of hell." By the way, that guy is on the House Committee on Science. Scary thought. Does there need to be another Rep. Braun, but without a Southern accent? It's your call, Minnesota.

By the way, Tim Walz, the incumbent member of congress from the district that stretches across the length of southern Minnesota, is a strong supporter of gay rights, and he likes science too.