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Would-be burglar falls asleep trying to crawl out of victim's home

In the annals of the storied history of dumb criminals, there's poor execution and then there's this. A man in Santa Ana, Calif. is facing charges today after stealing items from a neighbor's house and then falling asleep in the home before making his getaway.

According to ABC 7 in Los Angeles on Sunday, a homeowner was sleeping next to his wife in their bedroom when he felt something against his leg, only to discover the burglar snoozing away at the foot of the bed.

The homeowner recognized that the man in their room was 20-year-old neighbor Ruben Diego Ortega, whom he knew before the incident. He reportedly chased Ortega out of the house and returned to discover that cell phones and a Playstation were missing.

This is where it helps to not rob someone you already know: the unnamed resident then called the police and led officers to Ortega's house in the neighborhood, where he got his stolen goods back.

The crime wasn't a premeditated one, but rather a seized opportunity when Ortega noticed the couple's window was open and decided to "see what he could steal." Ortega ultimately fessed up to initiating the strange chain of events, telling authorities that he was attempting to crawl out of the house when he "must have fallen asleep."

The sleeping beauty was arrested and booked at the Santa Ana Police Department jail.

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