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WOTC teams up with New Zealand Mint to release 'M:TG' collector coin

The first coin will feature "Jace, The Mind Sculptor"
The first coin will feature "Jace, The Mind Sculptor"
Wizards of the Coast

Today, January 10, Wizards of The Coast made an announcement on their website that may seem a little farfetched. They have decided to team up with the New Zealand Mint to produce a series of "Magic: The Gathering" collector coins. Can you guess which will be the first one? Congratulations to you if you guessed "Jace, The Mind Sculptor."

These coins will be made of "one ounce 0.999 silver" and the "Jace" coin will feature the original art by Jason Chan.

Furthermore, according to the illustrations provided on the website, the back of the coins will feature the face of Queen Elizabeth II. The name of the Pacific Nation of Niue will also be printed on the coin because this is where the coins will be issued from. In addition, the year 2014 will be seen as well as a denomination of $2.00.

These coins are considered legal tender, but you'll have to travel to New Zealand to spend them.

Each coin is also packed with a serialized certificate of authenticity.

Currently, the only way to get your hands on these is to go through a retailer. Prices also have not be finalized due to the fact that the silver contained in the coin is considered "investment grade silver" which fluctuates with the market.

For more detailed information, you can download the retailer pack which contains a F.A.Q. about the whole process.

What do you think of these coins?

As one Magic finance expert put it,

"Jace costs a lot of money so what if we TURN HIM INTO MONEY?"

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