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‘Worth every step’

Moss Glen Falls
Moss Glen Falls
samuel hoff

Probably the most photographed waterfall in Vermont is Moss Glen Falls. The question is which one. It’s confusing since there are two waterfalls with the name of Moss Glen Falls, one in Stowe a second in Granville.

Moss Glen Falls of Stowe has a 125’ drop, one of the greatest in the state, and about 40-89 feet deep at the gorge along Moss Glen Brook. The brook winds through an area of forest and meadow. The falls descend a rocky face into a 20’ wide gorge at the bottom. The falls was once a source of waterpower with use of a sluice conduit to lead water to drive a waterwheel device.

Stowe’s Moss Glen Falls are near the road making it highly visited. Yet its ease of access should not cause visitors to forget its potential danger. It is important to wear proper footwear to insure proper grip to prevent falls on the steep, slippery terrain.

Mt. Worcester at 3293’ elevation is a few miles south of Moss Glen Falls within Putnam State Forest. Mount Putnam at 3,642’ is a few miles south west of Mt. Worcester. It is the sixth most prominent peak in the state, with the states highest point Mount Mansfield at 4,9393’ elevation. It is a popular destination with 40,000 visitors yearly. The peak may be reached by toll road or hiking.

The Long Trail route is most popular at 2.3 miles each way and 2800’ elevation gain. The area has an abundance of hiking trails, the long trail is the foremost running through the state in a north/south direction. The Long Trail is the oldest long distance trail in the country extending the length of the state, 272 miles.

The falls are a few miles from the village of Stowe by an 8-minute hike with little elevation change along Deer Hollow Brook. Stowe is a town of 4,314 in a fertile valley between Mount Mansfield with the peaks of the Green Mountains west. Stowe is 37 miles east of Burlington Vermont and 23 miles north of Montpelier VT. Stowe is also 200 miles north of Boston, 337 miles north of New York City, and 1778 miles north of Albany NY.

Stowe is known as a tourist destination especially with skiers holding its slopes in high regard. It also the location of the Trapp Family Lodge from the “Sound of Music’ movie fame.

Moss Glen Falls is a 6 1/2 hour drive of 350 miles from Rochester NY. Drive I-90 east toward Albany and north on US 87 to Plattsburg taking the ferry across to Burlington VT. Drive south US 89 and route 100 north to Stowe.

Here is a visitor’s impression of their trip to Moss Glen Falls.
“Worth every step, take a camera for some spectacular photo opportunities”

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