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Worst time to make a decision is when you're hungry

Resisting food weakens your resistance of other desires.
Resisting food weakens your resistance of other desires.

Ever deprive yourself of snack foods at a party, only to go home and over eat your own food? It's better to eat that slice of pizza than your leftovers, a hand-crafted melted cheese sandwich, and anything else you can find in your fridge.

Outside of just food choices, hunger affects all decision making processes. It's the difference between seeing the glass half empty or half full.

The more you resist the desire to eat, the less likely you'll be able to resist other desires. Everything is felt more intensely when your will power is down. Cold weather is more depressing, and you flare up in anger at the first thing out of order.

To help prevent these unpleasant events, here is a list of things NOT to do when hungry:

- Go food shopping. You'll buy the whole store.

- Stop at a fast food restaurant. You will order more than you should. If the need is dire, get a small soda, tea, or coffee to keep you going until you reach home. A home cooked meal is always a thousand times better than one from a drive-through.

- Go shopping. Girls, you will be cranky, unreasonable, and will swear that nothing fits. Guys, you will have to put up with it. Avoid this at all costs.

- Give yourself a deadline. Adding more pressure will stress you out to the max.

- Watch the news. It's infuriating isn't it? Eat before or during viewing, but never watch if you haven't eaten all day. A screaming match with the television will be your future.

- See a sad movie. You thought a few tears were bad? Blubbering is worse.

- Drink alcohol. Not only will he go right to your head, it may go to your stomach and make a sudden reappearance. Also, if you didn't eat before, prepare to get the munchies big time.

The lesson to learn here is not to ignore your hunger desire. You will find yourself entirely weakened. Daily reminders of self-love keep you and everyone around you sane.