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Worst of mornings, best of nights for orphaned pups, bereaved Beagle mama dog

Sunday morning, an emergency plea appeared on Facebook from Brittney Omary and Gary Mayfield of Tuscaloosa, AL, stating that a litter of new born pups had been orphaned. Their mother, a Labrador Retriever dog named “Teal”, had gone missing and was found dead – struck down by a vehicle. A surrogate nursing mama dog was desperately needed for the pups, who were declining, despite efforts to bottle feed.

Fairhope, AL: Bereaved Mama Beagle, who lost entire litter, accepts and nurses orphaned pups from Tuscaloosa, AL
Orphan pups from Tuscaloosa snuggle up and nurse from bereaved mama Beagle, whose pups died, in Fairhope, AL

The post was shared far and wide, to no avail. Or so it appeared.

Unbeknownst to all parties involved, a series of events had occurred, and were occurring hundreds of miles apart, which would turn the worst of mornings into a night filled with the light of human kindness and hope.

In Fairhope, Alabama, (south Alabama), Dawn Maumenee’s Beagle dog, “Rolly P” gave birth to a litter that died. Dawn and sister, Annette Smith, issued a plea of their own,
“We have a Beagle mama who has lost her pups. She is full of milk, in deep despair, literally crying over the death of all her litter. Are there any orphaned pups who need a nursing mama dog?”

Maumenee and her sister spent a good part of the day, and into the night, searching for pups who needed a nursing mom, unaware of the frantic plea from Tuscaloosa. They called friends and local animal advocates, even driving to nearby towns, leaving contact information with sympathetic animal lovers. They talked to customers at Petsmart, a popular business that conducts pet adoption events and assists animal rescue organizations in finding proper homes for dogs and cats.

“Someway, somehow, someone got our information to the Tuscaloosa couple who needed a nursing mom. We are so grateful for Facebook’s amazing network of Alabama animal advocates.”

Omary said, “The message from Fairhope was like a drop of gold, but I was very worried about the logistics, with night closing in, preparations and the expense of transporting to south Alabama; How could we get the puppies to the mama dog in time to save their lives?”

The Tuscaloosa couple went into immediate action, aided by the help of Facebook animal advocates.

Cindy Mitchell, a Tuscaloosa resident, met Omary at a gas station and filled her car with gas. Soon after, Omary, Mayfield and Omary’s little son, Daltyn, loaded up and sped through the night toward Fairhope, with the precious cargo tucked in a box.

They arrived around 2 A.M., welcomed with open arms by Maumenee. With a gentle coaxing, the grieving Beagle mom accepted the pups wholeheartedly. Maumenee insisted the couple and weary little boy stay at the family’s Bed and Breakfast establishment, Emma’s Bayhouse, on Mobile Bay.

“We were treated so well,”, says Omary. “Dawn showered us and the pups with kindness, and “Roly P” nursed and cared for our pups as if they were her own.”

The pups are thriving, according to Omary and Maumenee, and "Roly P” has a definite look of contentment and joy now. Her dark despair turned to light, and the orphan pups’ future is bright with hope.


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